It’s that time of the year!

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We bought our christmas tree a couple of weeks ago and it was finally time to put it up! After our non-traditional Thanksgiving we have been wanting to make up for it during Christmas time. 
While deciding where to put up our tree we came to the conclusion that it was finally time to re-arrange the furniture, since we had left them the same way the movers left them before we moved in. Silly, yes, but since we didn’t have anything to decorate our living room with we just left it as it was given to us. But the christmas tree changed it all. 
It’s still very much bland but we’re getting there! 
I present to you, our first christmas tree! :’) 
Decided to add a shot of our China Cabinet, which is also in the living room. 
I hate how big it is but as you can see husband loves it. 
Not much has changed around here.. so bare with my lack of posts!