“Inspiration.Sparks” is now “Little Island Takara”

Hi there! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all. This blog has had a major makeover in the last week and i am one happy gal. First of all, I finally took the plunge and moved from Blogger to WordPress.org (Hooray!) thanks to the lovely Amanda of The Suitcase Designs. Another thing i’ve been wanting to do was get a new blog theme, so why not now? I purchased this lovely template on ThemeForest and i’m obsessed! I still have some minor tweaking to do, but overall i’m loving it.

Lastly, since i was already moving, changing the design i thought to myself “well.. why not pick a new blog name while you’re at it” and so i did! For a couple of months now i’ve been wanting to change the name of this space but i couldn’t put my finger on the right one. I knew i wanted something meaningful, a little bit more travel related, that would incorporate Okinawa (because that’s what i blog about the most) but that i can continue to use once we move and to top it all off I wanted it to have a japanese word. Inspiration.Sparks  is now Little Island Takara. Read more on the meaning behind the name in the About the Blog page.

What is changing:

Blog name and links: All links from www.inspirationsparks.com will be re-directed to www.littleislandtakara.com, as soon as i figure out how to forward the old url to the new one. All of my social media channels have been updated as well, so you don’t need to do a thing! If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, then you’re already following @littleislandtakara. If you use Bloglovin’ to keep up with new posts I had to start a new one, so please follow me!

What is NOT changing: 

Content and posts: Don’t worry, you will still be seeing all of our Okinawa Adventures and Travel posts. But i’ll probably be focusing more on that than anything else. I was also able to move all of my content to this new website, so everything is still here.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank all of you, whether you’ve been reading this blog since it started or have found it recently! Hopefully all of these crazy changes won’t stop you from visiting my little corner of the internet.

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Hi! I'm Laura, the girl behind Little Island Takara. I am a military wife and American expat living in Okinawa, Japan! Most days you will find me reading books, wondering what cafe to go to next or daydreaming of my next adventure.

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