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Pizza in the Sky

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G tasted some leftover Pineapple wine from a girls night and he asked me to take him to Pineapple Park just to buy some more! Yes, it’s that good. That weekend we drove with our friends to our favorite city, we enjoyed a gorgeous view, some delicious pizza and some wine! Remember Pizza in the Sky?! You  may have read about it over here, but this time we had a chance to take pictures and also to sit inside!

^^ My favorite part? The mango dessert of course!! Remember this one? ^^^^ Even the guys are turning japanese!! ^^
Pineapple Park wasn’t all that, but man, that wine is the bomb!! 😛 It’s so good that when we got home we finished the bottle with our dinner! We will definitely be going back for more! Q: Have you ever had Pineapple Wine? If you haven’t you definitely must try it!
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