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Hokkaido Shrine

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Our second full day in Sapporo started with a visit to one of the most popular spots in Sapporo, the Hokkaido Shrine. The Shinto shrine, located at Maruyama Park, was built in 1869 after Emperor Meiji decreed that “three pioneering gods” be enshrined to uplift the spirits of pioneers. The existence of a shrine dedicated to the Shinto deities offered spiritual support to the pioneers, who faced difficulties in clearing through the forest, but also served as a gathering place for the people to meet and talk. In 1964, the Showa Emperor approved the enshrinement of Emperor Meiji, so it currently houses four kami (gods).

Did you know this was my first time seeing snow? It really was magical to walk around the park and then to see the Hokkaido shrine fully covered in snow!!

                                 ^^ This building at the entrance of the park was giving off European vibes ^^

                                                ^^ The cutest little yuki daruma (Japanese snow man) ^^

                   ^^ My offering to the gods! I always include a ¥5 yen, because it is associated with good luck! ^^

                                  ^^ 2017 was the year of the rooster, and these emas were so darling! ^^

  ^^ Omiku-ji (fortunes) that are bad are tied up and left at the shrine, hoping it won’t attach itself to the bearer ^^

Hokkaido Shrine

Address: 474 Miyagaoka, Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō 064-0959
Hours: 6AM – 5PM (Summer), 7AM – 4PM (Winter)
Open 24 hours/7 days a week

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