Hello there, separation funk

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It’s that time again, field-op time! *yay* (said no military wife ever!) I’m really sorry about writing two sort of depressing posts one after the other but it’s been a stressful week. I promise i’ll start cheering up and posting about our vacation soon!

After hearing about this trip only six days before he was supposed to leave, constant itinerary changes, i’m talking like 5-6 flight changes (the last one literally happened as i was dropping him off at the airport). To say this week has been super stressful is an understatement and G deserves a medal for keeping his cool every time he got a phone call, because i would’ve gone ape s#!% if i was the one having to deal with it. Anyways, everything worked out in the end and G is on his way to his jungle survival training in Malaysia. Although i know he didn’t want to leave me, i know he’s excited about everything he’s going to learn. Let’s just say if a zombie apocalypse ever happens i’ll make it thanks to him and his survival skills.

I titled this post “Hello there, separation funk” because there’s always a period of adjustment whenever your spouse is away, usually lasting only a couple of days, a week tops but after you sort of get back into the groove of things. This separation funk has been coming and going more times than i’d like to admit, but can you blame me? This guy has gone on a couple of field operations this year and let’s not forget the whole moved to a new unit in the jungle and living in the barracks during the week thing. Sure he’s only done that for three weeks total (because he’s been sent to two field-ops in between) but who’s keeping track…

I am looking forward for this funk to be gone already. Work really helped today but as soon as i walked into our apartment i got this heavy heart feeling and every emotion just rushed in. I kept thinking about the 45ish days ahead and got pretty sad, but nothing a warm bath, a good book and a funny movie couldn’t fix! The key to dealing with this separation funk is keeping busy and staying positive, so this i will try to do.

Any advice on things to do? Shows to watch? Books to read? I’m open to any suggestions 🙂