Kamakura, Japan

Hasedera Temple – Kamakura, Japan

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After walking along Komachi-dori, getting lost and finally finding the Daibutsu (Great Buddha) at Kotoku-in, we ended our time at Kamakura by visiting the Hasedera Temple. This is one of the most popular temples in Kamakura and is known for housing a massive wooden statue of Kannon. Kannon is the Japanese name for Guanyin, a being of enlightenment and commonly known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion (like the 18 arm statue we saw at Wat Plai Laem in Koh Samui). There was so much green and so many little things to see everywhere!

IMG_8842 hasedera1IMG_8848 IMG_8855 IMG_8859IMG_9015-2 IMG_9023-2IMG_9032IMG_9011-2IMG_8957hasedera2 IMG_8869IMG_8988^^ ema’s will forever be my favorite thing about temples ^^

IMG_8986IMG_8984IMG_8995IMG_8964IMG_9001IMG_9003IMG_9004IMG_9007^^ I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed these were messages written in oyster shells ^^

IMG_8866IMG_8871 IMG_8870IMG_8881 IMG_8895 ^^ prayers written on paper, so many fun different emas at this temple!  ^^

IMG_8897IMG_8978 IMG_8902 IMG_8905 IMG_8907IMG_8916IMG_8920 hasedera3Hasedera also houses this amazing wooden prayer wheel, which holds thousands of handwritten prayer slips. According to the sign outside the building, only on the 18th of every month can people turn the big wooden wheel and it was a super coincidence that we went on the 18th of August!! On any other day people can only turn the metal prayer wheels on the walls. This was my first time seeing prayer wheels in Japan!

IMG_8924IMG_8926IMG_8937 IMG_8936IMG_8945IMG_8939 IMG_8940 IMG_9048IMG_9042 IMG_9046 IMG_9067 IMG_9069

Here’s a map of the places we visited in Kamakura: