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Flower Market – Hong Kong

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Our next stop after visiting the Yuen Po Bird Market was the Flower Market! There was one flower street before the Bird Market and one after. We explored this area so early in the morning that we were able to see the vendors unloading the fresh flowers and plants. Some of the flower shops had incredibly creative displays, some were just tiny tables and others (like the one below) even had shelves on the street. It smelled absolutely divine and i wanted to buy EVERYTHING!

^^ this flower shop was one of my favorites, i mean look at all the wood details! ^^

Halfway through our walk we found the cutest flower shop/cafe (not pictured) and we stopped for some refreshing drinks! Nothing like walking into a shop with air conditioning for some iced cold lemonade after walking for what felt like forever in the summer heat. It was a nice little break, but there was still tons to explore that day! 🙂