Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián!

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title translation: San Sebastian Street Festival 
As you may know Puertoricans are known around the world for being loud, party people and yes it’s true. Back in the motherland (lol) we celebrate the biggest party of the year in Old San Juan on the third weekend of January and it is thought to be the last party of the christmas season. Yes, you read it right, we celebrate the holidays until mid-January. The party lasts for four days and it features a nice mix of traditional puertorican activities during the daytime and a more young party scene during the nighttime.
This year there was a change of plans and the festival was celebrated it a week later, which meant Gustavo and I were going to be in Puerto Rico. We were excited to experience the festival maybe for the last time in who know’s how many years. We went on Friday afternoon with his dad and his sister. Because of the high criminality at these types of events i sadly had to leave my nice camera at home but my iPhone camera will suffice. 
Enjoy the beautiful streets of Old San Juan. 

this was the reason we actually went to the festival, his dad had never seen “Los Gigantes y los Cabezudos” which means “Giants and Big Heads”. The cabezudos are comical representations of important people of the history of Puerto Rico and are known for their paper maché or foam heads, the Giants on the other hand are well stilt walkers.
After enjoying the festival for a couple of hours it was getting too crowded so we decided to take off before it was impossible to leave. Even though i had horrible allergies during our time there it was still a fun afternoon! 🙂 
Even though we are working on everything wedding related, i hope we get the chance to go to the beach and explore other areas of the island so i can document bits of my beautiful island to share with you all. 
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