Cactus Eatrip – Ginowan

I wrote this as a guest post for Jess over at Foreign Room. She wanted me to write a post as a spin off to her series East vs. West with Little City Adventures and feature my favorite lunch spot in Okinawa. If you’re a long time reader then you’ve probably seen this little shop on the blog before, if not, then i present to you Cactus Eatrip.

This place is great for coming with a big group of friends, lounging around and chatting. They always have great music playing and a unique relaxing atmosphere. It is also a great place for a brunch date with your love.

I joined a Facebook Group before getting here and they had a meet-up a couple of weeks after we landed. This was the first place i visited on island and oh my was it a great introduction! My usual order is the Avocado Tomato in a Cranberry Bagel and of course the infamous Oreo Bagel with Oreo Cream Cheese that you see pictured above. My husband on the other hand orders a Crystal Sugar Bagel with Raspberry Cream Cheese and the Oreo Bagel of course. I’ve never gotten a good picture of the bagels because i always devour them before the thought comes to mind.

I wish this place was closer to us because it is a 40 min drive from our house with no traffic. But thankfully they have recently opened a smaller establishment on the Seawall called Little Cactus, which is a 20-25 min drive from us, not really that much closer but it works. You can also buy your bagel to go and enjoy the scenic view as you walk along the Seawall.

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