Yomitan, Okinawa

Fall in Okinawa – Torii Beach

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While everyone is enjoying the leaves turning, the cooler weather, the pumpkin spice EVERYTHING… fall in Okinawa looks a little like this; because the summer heat and humidity are still going strong!! On the bright side, the water is cooling down and it is absolutely heavenly. These pics were taken last month (#bloggingprocrastinationisreal), and it is a perfect depiction of fall on this tropical island! Are you jealous? Good, because i’m jealous of the amazing weather everyone else is experiencing. HA!

I had left my camera in the car the day before and I’m sooo glad I had it with me (I don’t usually bring it to the beach with me). It was the most beautiful day and I seriously could not stop taking pictures!!! Can you blame me though? Look at those shades of blue! We certainly live in paradise.


img_0024  img_0029





img_0047                                     ^^ blue skies on one end and stormy clouds on the other.. #islandlife ^^img_0049





torii1 img_0069

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