DIY: TV tray Makeover

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Slowly but surely we are making our apartment feel like a home and with help from a few DIY’s our living room is looking a lot more colorful and inviting! My friend Heather painted her TV tray’s grey and placed a gold monogram vinyl sticker in the middle. After seeing this i decided to do something similar, but with colorful paint and patterns!
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All you need:
– TV trays
– old blanket 
– spray paint (in color of choice)
– protective spray paint (didn’t use the one pictured)
– paint
– paint brushes
– painter’s tape

1. Buy some TV trays, we bought ours from a yard sales website!
2. Choose the color scheme. Since we’re trying to make our living room as colorful as possible without painting the walls, i chose the color scheme orange, blue and white!
3. Find a spot outside, place the tv tray on top of the used blanket and get your paint on! The orange color turned out beautifully! You can also leave them like this, but i wanted to have fun with it and painted different patterns on top.
4. Choose the patterns you’d like to paint. At first i wanted to do chevrons on all of them but after finishing the first one i noticed it was too much work, so i decided to do different patterns on each.
5. Use the painters tape to make your patterns and paint! 🙂
6. Wait until the paint dries, put another coat on it, wait and then spray with clear finish spray paint.

Price of Materials:
TV trays (used) – $20
Blanket – free, previously owned
Spray Paint (4-5) – $32
Painter’s Tape – $7
Acrylic Paint (5 bottles) – $7.50
Paint Brushes – free, used from previous diy!
Clear Finish Spray Paint – free, used from previous diy!

Total: $66.50

(Note: this DIY took me forever!! I started it in June but i had to wait for the Base Exchange to get a new shipment of orange spray paint because i ran out half way through, and then i got a little bit lazy! But if you’re in the States and have a friendly neighborhood Hobby Lobby or Michael’s it should take you as long as it took me!)