DIY: Canvas Wall Art

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We have a big living room with large plain white walls and over the (ugly) air conditioner there was a nice square spot that needed a little something, something. While searching Pinterest for ways to give our living rooms some pops of colors i saw a some canvas covered with scrapbook paper as wall art and i decided this was something i wanted to do. I went to the Arts & Crafts store on the Air Force base and found the cutest scrapbook papers by: Dear Lizzy. I bought 9 pages and decided to order the canvases online. I decided to buy canvas panels instead of stretched canvas because they would be less expensive. You could also try this with picture frames instead of canvases. 
All you need is:
– 9 canvas panels or stretched canvas
– 9 scrapbook pages
– Paper Modge Podge
– Sponge Brush
– Command Mini Hooks 
– Tape Measurer 
– Bubble Level

^^ my goal for the living room is for it to be very bright and colorful, i think i nailed it with these ^^

1. Choose the scrapbook papers according to the color/theme of your room. They don’t have to match.
2. Using the sponge brush, put a nice layer of Modge Podge on the canvas and place the scrapbook paper on top. Put some pressure on it, i placed them in between the rest of the canvases. 
3. Let them dry for a couple of hours. 
4. Measure your wall and figure out where you want to place them and how much space you want to leave in between each canvas. 
5. I marked with a pencil where each canvas would go on the wall. You could also use painters tape or craft paper to help you position each canvas. 
6. Figure out the best way to arrange your canvases, I used the solid colors on the edges and the middle and used the multi colored ones to mix it up in between. 
7. Using the bubble level make sure each canvas is straight before taping the hooks to the wall. 

8. I placed the clear mini hooks at the top and bottom of each canvas. You can probably use other methods of hanging.. like adding hangers to the back of the canvases or adding wire to the back and then using nails to hang them. Or even double sided tape if your looking to spice up your bedroom without spending money. Since i used canvas panels i couldn’t think of another way to hang them, but if you use stretched canvas they will be easier to hang.

Price of Materials:
Scrapbook Paper – 85¢ each + 70¢ = $7.50
Canvas Panel – $7.99 pack of 4 = $23.97 – $7.20 discount = $16.77
Command Mini Hooks – $3.99 a pack = $11.97
Modge Podge – $7.05
Sponge Brush – 40¢

Total: $35.70

This was a pretty simple DIY, i believe anyone can do it! You can make this idea your own by buying paper that goes with your theme/color palette, using different sizes or amounts of canvases, as well as different layouts. It’s an easy and cheap way to bring some color to the bare walls of military housing, to give your room something fun and interesting to look at, or even to hide that thermostat in the middle of the wall.