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CupNoodles Museum

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After visiting Yokohama Chinatown we headed to the CupNoodles Museum and let me tell ya we really enjoyed it!! We got to walk around the famous Red Brick Warehouses on the way to the museum and later did a quick stop at Cosmo World and dinner at World Porters, both across the street from the museum.

The CupNoodles Museum is interactive and was designed to stir creativity and curiosity into all who visit. It is also kid friendly! Through the exhibitions you’ll learn the history of Momofuku Ando and his 3 innovative inventions. Chicken Ramen was his first invention, and he found a way to make ramen at home by only adding hot water. CupNoodles was his second invention and a product of visiting America and seeing supermarket managers make his chicken ramen in a cup. Two years before his death, at 94 years old he invented a ramen that could be eaten in space!

The coolest part about the museum is that you get to create your own CupNoodles!! You pay for the cup, decorate it, add your favorite ingredients and have it sealed up in the coolest plastic bag to take home with you. You can also make your own Chicken Ramen, but I believe you need a reservation for this portion. There’s also a fun interactive exhibit.

                             ^^ So crazy to see the large amounts of ramen flavors they’ve come up with ^^

                                         ^^ A recreation of the shed where the Instant Noodle was created!! ^^

Of course we ended up going across the street to Yokohama Cosmo World. We looked around and G ended up going on a rollercoaster, alone because I hate them. I wish I had gone up the ferris wheel because I bet the view is amazing!!

CupNoodles Museum

2 Chome-3-4 Shinko, Naka Ward,
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0001, Japan
Hours: 10AM-6PM (closed on Tuesdays)
Fee: ¥500
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There’s also another CupNoodles museum in Osaka, if you’re headed that way!

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