Nago, Okinawa

Cosmos and Cherry Blossoms in Nago

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Our last spring in Japan and we had to go out with a bang! So I met some friends up north to see  cosmos and cherry blossoms. First stop was this hidden cosmos field in Nago and although I didn’t take as many photos as when I went to the field in Kin, I really enjoyed my time there.

I got there a little early and had the field all to myself. It was cold, the wind was crazy and the flowers would not stop swaying. It was also super muddy because it had rained, so we weren’t able to walk in between fields… but I’m glad I put the camera down and mostly enjoyed my last time in a cosmos field in Japan. Afterwards we drove up Mt. Yaedake to see the cherry blossoms and it was also one for the books!

Next we went up to Mt. Yaedake and let me tell ya the cherry blossom trees were booming this year!! They were fuller than I have ever seen them here in Okinawa. I was driving down these curvy roads in complete awe; definitely the best farewell I could’ve gotten. I will miss those dark greens and vibrant pinks.

                                                                   ^^ My little blue car ^^ Ended with a waffle cone of sakura and vanilla ice cream… worth it even if it was freezing!