Coffee Table Reads: Cafe Book

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During our family’s stay we visited one of the japanese malls and walked around a book store. One of the first things that caught my eye was this cafe book, a guide book to all of the cafe’s on island. I know i can’t read most of it, but i have a special kind of love for japanese magazines and i thought it would make a great coffee table magazine. So of course i bought it! It was ¥900 ($9) but pretty worth it!

First off most japanese books and magazines are binded on the right side, which for us it means the back of the book/magazine is the front and you read it backwards. I usually read magazines like this anyways so i kind of love it! Also, my favorite thing about japanese magazines is that they are designed very differently from our usual magazines. The pages are sort of scrapbook-ish looking instead of big pictures that take up the whole page with writing on top, like our magazines are. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite pages with you guys, especially the ones that showcase the cafe’s we have visited :).

^^ Remember ‘Seaside Cafe Hanon‘ ^^ ^^ the delicious Kajinho or as we americans call it ‘Pizza in the Sky‘ ^^^^ i mean look at this cute bakery page!! seriously obsessed! ^^^^ halfway through they have a smaller magazine with cafe’s in Naha (the capital). I love how this paper looks like a scrapbook! Ruler paper background, the pictures look printed, washi tape and then little handwritten notes. It can’t get any cuter; or can it? ^^
^^ yup, it did get cuter with every page i turned! check out this watercolor map of Naha ^^^^ this page showcases cafe’s that have little stores where you can buy handmade items ^^

I know that whenever we move back to the states i will treasure this little magazine and it will surely take me back to the good times we’ve spent on this island. It cakes a pretty unique souvenier, don’t you think? I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend! Go out and explore a new cafe around your area! 😉