Cafe Doka Doka – Onna Village

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After reading Marshall’s Abroad recap of her two years in Okinawa, i decided to invite a new friend out to lunch, to this beautiful café in Onna Village Amanda had previously featured on her blog. My friend, Ashleyvette, brought two of her friends along and we set out to find this café. We drove straight to Onna after i picked them up and once we were there it took us a while to figure out the directions to the café. I’m proud to say that after turning around a couple of times and using Ashley’s badass Japanese skills to ask for directions, we accidentally stumbled upon the small brown sign that pointed us in the right direction and in the end WE MADE IT! 
Cafe Doka Doka is known for it’s organic coffee and teas, as well as their delicious pizzas, all served in their homemade pottery. Not only is the Café a restaurant but it also serves as a store/gallery for all the beautiful Yachimun (okinawan pottery). 
From the outside it appeared as if we were coming into someones home and this is the second time i’ve felt this way in a restaurant here; the first being Pizza in the Sky. Prepare to be amazed by this hidden gem. 

^^ photo curtesy of Ashleyvette ^^
Before coming into the cafe you are required to take off your shoes. You can either use the sandals provided by them or opt to go barefoot. It took us by surprise and we spent a minute trying to figure out what to do. We decided on staying barefoot and we’re so glad we did. At some point after exploring every bit of this beautiful place, i remember telling the girls that i felt “at home”, so comfortable with my surroundings and so welcomed to explore.
After choosing our seats and ordering our food, we took our cameras and decided to explore the Cafe better.
^^ photo curtesy of Ashleyvette ^^
^^ all of these little flowers are real and the mini pots have drops of water in them! isn’t that the cutest thing? ^^
^^ photo curtesy of Ashleyvette ^^
^^ photo curtesy of Ashleyvette ^^
^^ photo curtesy of Ashleyvette ^^
As soon as i saw the Ice-Cream & Mango on the Menu i knew i had to order it and i am so glad i did! I had been craving mangos for a while, especially after seeing so many of them all over Kokusai Street, and this dessert definitely satisfied my craving! The mangos were a bit frozen and the ice-cream was homemade. To be honest it was like tasting heaven and it was the perfect way to end our lunch.
The lovely Ashleyvette almost died when she noticed the piano and she played some tunes for us! 🙂
I know for sure this is only the first of many times i’ll visit Cafe Doka Doka! It’s a great place to spend a couple of hours, reading, writing, chatting with your spouse or your friends, and enjoying the beautiful view of the East China Sea. I bet it’s also the perfect place to see the sunset! 
Q: What do you think of this lovely hidden gem? Isn’t it to die for?!