Motobu, Okinawa

Bise Village

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After 4 years in Okinawa I FINALLY made it to Bise Village! My friend Allison and I drove all the way up to Motobu for a photographer meet up for the annual Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk on October 1st, 2016. It ended up being kind of awkward… every one was walking so slow that we got frustrated and ended up breaking away from the group to explore on our own.

The traditional Okinawan village includes 250 homes, some recently turned into cafes, surrounded by Fukugi trees and sandy roads. Although these homes are practically right next to the water, the Fukugi trees have keep them safe during typhoons.

You can rent a bike (really wanna go back and do this) or walk (like we did) and trust me, there are interesting things to see and photograph around every corner. It was a typical hot/humid day, but as soon as we stepped under the trees our walk became pleasant! We took about a million pictures, found a tiny cafe that offered frozen drinks and then afterwards we walked back to enjoy a gorgeous sunset by the East China Sea.

                                     ^^  How cool is that rain cloud hovering over the water next to Ie island! ^^

                                                      ^^  How amazing and funky is this window? HAHA! ^^

                         ^^ I believe this lot was for sale, lol! Who wouldn’t wanna live in a pleasant house? ^^

We then headed up towards the water to see the sunset!

Bise Village (Fukugi Tree Road)
〒905-0207 Okinawa Prefecture, Kunigami District, 本部町Bise, 626
Phone: 0980-48-2371