Urasoe, Okinawa

MCCS Battlesites Tour: Battle of Okinawa Historical Society Display

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The second stop on our Battlesites Tour was the Battle of Okinawa Historical Society Display on Camp Kinser. “The museum is a volunteer only operation and maintains it’s collection from pieces donated through the generosity of veterans and private collectors, items recovered from construction sites and places of historical interest, as well as items discovered and purchased on Ebay” – OkinawaHai. The display is divided into sections representing different events during the Battle of Okinawa.

^^ it was really cool seeing the uniforms, weapons and little things from the 40s^^

^^ Read about the japanese draft notice on the top of this picture ^^

^^ this was one of my favorite item in the display ^^

IMG_84771^^ We knew my brothers were going to enjoy this tour. What guy doesn’t like playing with old guns? ^^

^^ 1940’s shoes or hipster shoes?! Haha ^^

The Battle of Okinawa Historical Society Display is located on Room 232 of Building 107 in Camp Kinser. Because the museum is operated on a volunteer basis, it’s available to visit only by making an appointment or by going through the Battle Sites Tour offered by ITT Travel and Tours +. Click here for more information. Admission is free of charge, but they do accept donations.