Naha, Okinawa

Ball Donut Park

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Don’t ask me how my friend Kassie finds the most amazing places to explore, but she does! After going Coral Dying at Shuri Ryusen we made our way to this delicious donut place called Ball Donut Park in one of Kokusai Street’s side streets. The ball donuts come in a variety of flavors and are available with some oishii (delicious) toppings, and best of all their prices! I mean ¥300 (around $2.50) for 6 balls or ¥600 (around $5) for a dozen, i ended up getting a dozen to go, so husband could try them. Besides the mouth watering donuts i really really loved how amazingly curated this place was. Everything from their logo, the drawings of kawaii little girls spotted all over the place and even their toilet sign (HAHA!). Let’s just say this was the first of many trips here.


^^ the donut machine that got us suuuper excited! Everyone was staring at us like we were crazy! ^^
^^ If you’re in Okinawa here’s their info ^^
^^ Choco Banana, Honey Cinnamon (w/ vanilla scoop) and Salt & Butter, plus a Caramel Macchiato ^^
^^ yup, even their napkins are cute! ^^
^^ how cool is this sign! I love how you can tell which one’s a man and which one’s a woman ^^
^^ i’m seriously obsessed with these little drawings! Can you tell? ^^


Ball Donut Park
1 Chome-1-39 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: 098-988-9249