Back-to-School with: CampusBookRentals!

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This back-to-school season i am feeling a bit nostalgic. It’s officially been a year (this June) since the last time i was in college. You see while i was taking a summer class to be able to graduate last December, G got the news of his PCS (permanent-change of station) to Okinawa. The next couple of months were spent wondering what will happen and in the end i got the chance to come with him, missing my last semester of college! It’s been hard to leave that part of my life unfinished but i know that someday i will go back home for a semester and finish my degree in Journalism. 
My favorite part about back-to-school is getting new supplies and DIY-ing my notebooks (i used to make collages on them in highschool), but i also love the anticipation of starting each of my classes, meeting new people and hearing about what we will be studying that semester. I also love buying new books, even if it hurts my wallet every semester. Back home there is a street outside my university full of bookstores where everyone went to buy their new/used books at the beginning of the semester. It was a mess during August (as expected) and you’d have to brace yourself for long waits with long lines. 
Here’s where Campus Book Rentals comes in. I got so excited when they approached me because they’re website is genius!!! Instead of having to buy new books every semester, why not rent them? According to their How does it work? video, renting can save you 80-90% compared to buying! (umm, SOLD!) All you have to do is visit their website, search for your book using the title, author or keyword, and when you find the one you need, select the amount of time you need it for. You can also choose how soon you need them and just follow the steps to checkout. 
The best part? When you receive the book, you are welcome to highlight and take notes in it! Awesome, right? You don’t have to worry all semester about keeping the pages clean! You can treat it like you would treat a book you own. You can also easily extend your rental period if needed, just by visiting their website. Whenever your done with it, just send them off in their prepaid envelopes. Shipping is free both ways!
Also, if you’re like me and hate selling your old textbooks after the semester is done (my closet back home is full of textbooks because of this), they just introduced a new program called Rent Back where you can send them your old books and they’ll rent-them-forward. Psst. You can get paid for this!! and take it from a former broke college student this is definitely a great way to make easy money. Let’s just say i’m going to have my mom send me my books so i can ship them to Rent Back! Here’s how it works:
Campus Book Rentals is also all about giving back, they have partnered with Operation Smile, the largest volunteer-based medical charity that performs free life changing cleft lip surgeries on children and young adults born with facial deformities. They’ve also set aside $90,000 in textbook scholarships for students in communities all across the US. If you’re a student visit their website and rent your textbooks from them, help them make a difference! 
*this post has been sponsored by Campus Book Rentals! Get 10% off any order over $90 using promo code: FallSale90