Back in America // Ice Storm in Oklahoma

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Hello there, it’s been a while! I arrived safe and soundly in America last Monday. I am currently in Missouri, visiting my husband who’s in school. It’s been weird adjusting to the States, I gotta say reverse culture shock is totally a thing! Haha! Besides driving on the right side of the road (gotta love turning on the wipers instead of the blinkers) and the time change, it’s been a weird week. But on the bright side there’s Panera Bread, yum!

For Thanksgiving we drove to Oklahoma to visit some friends who were stationed in Okinawa with us! We arrived on Thanksgiving Day and stayed until first thing Saturday morning. It was raining during our whole stay, so we stayed in, ate some delicious food, watched funny tv shows, played and played with our friends little boy, helped put their Christmas tree up, drank Coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog), watched some Christmas movies, lastly we woke up to a car frozen shut and icy grass/trees. Hello Ice Storm! It took us forever to get out on the road, but my loving husband indulged me by stopping on the side of the road and letting me take some pics with my DSLR when the sun finally came up.


IMG_3561^^ the last of the fall colors, covered in ice! ^^1





IMG_3572^^ Isn’t this amazing? I couldn’t believe my eyes! ^^IMG_3575^^ hubby’s little rental ^^IMG_3580



Six hours there, six hours back, then two hours to St. Louis and two hours back! It’s safe to say i need a break from driving and sitting in the car.