As Venus passed through

Posted In: Puerto Rico
Yesterday, after working a 6am-3pm shift at work, me and my co-workers decided to have some fun. We heard that Venus was going to be passing in front of the Sun and that we would be able to see it here from 6:09pm until 6:49pm, so we decided we had to experience that. After clocking out at 3pm we made our way to Old San Juan, we bar hopped for a while and then stopped to eat pizza at ‘Pirilo’ (this great lil restaurant that makesΒ artesianΒ pizzas) and after finally making our way to ‘El Morro’ there were so many people there to see Venus.
There were telescopes set up in the grass and they were selling these special glasses which would help you see the phenomenon without it hurting your eyesight.

We had a blast πŸ™‚ here are some pictures of our afternoon taken through a co-workers camera.
^^ I was pretty happy, can you tell? ^^