And so the PCS begins…

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It’s been a while since i’ve updated on here, so here it goes.

Before updating on our travels i’d like to let you all know that we are done with all the preparations for this move to Okinawa (can i get a hell yeah?). Considering we were almost going to miss our flights to Japan because we booked our flights for PCS Leave before receiving our flight information from the Marine Corps. Thankfully i looked at the papers last week and noticed that all of our travels were booked for the same day, we quickly contacted Expedia and American Airlines and got the changes made (phew!).  Monday morning the movers came in and took all of our belongings that will be getting to Okinawa in December (bummer i know.. i’m hoping because it wasn’t a lot that it gets to us earlier than expected).
Day 1 of travelling consisted of waking up at the crack of dawn, saying goodbye to our families at the airport and flying from Puerto Rico to Jacksonville, NC, where we will be staying the night at a friends house and will continue onto Day 2 of travelling the next morning. We flew from San Juan to Miami on American Airlines, later changed over to Delta where we would be flying to Atlanta and then to Jacksonville. We made it safely and will be recharging our batteries for the next two days.
Stay Tuned for my next post about Day 2, were will be making our way to Seattle and will be waiting until thursday morning for our flight to Okinawa. Wish us luck 😉