Alone Time

On Tuesday i drove Gustavo at 2am to the base where he works and soon after he left for three weeks to mainland Japan for a training exercise. It was bound to happen sooner or later, this man has gotten lucky the past couple of months and has not been selected for other trainings. This is the first time we’ve been apart since July/2012. It’s definitely been an adjustment for me, because i have grown too accustomed to having him home by my side everyday. Applying for jobs, blogging, DIY-ing, watching Doctor Who, going to the gym and being with friends will keep me sane for the next couple of weeks. “Stay busy”, everybody has advised me and that is exactly what i plan to do. 
Any other advice to help time fly? Leave me a comment! 

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Hi! I'm Laura, the girl behind Little Island Takara. I am a military wife and American expat living in Okinawa, Japan! Most days you will find me reading books, wondering what cafe to go to next or daydreaming of my next adventure.

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  • What kept me "sane" were also some girly nights with face masks, fatty foods (I remember on my birthday last year during the deployment, I had Panda Express AND Pizza Hut on the same day :D), good movies, warm tea, nail polish – you get the idea. I either did it alone or with a friend but I found that it was more relaxing when I did it alone. And DIYing is a great way to keep yourself busy (plus, if you do home decor DIY, you'll have the benefits of him loving the new "homier" home n_n). I'm already pinning 50,000 DIY things and recipes and what not for the upcoming deployment to keep myself busy

  • When my husband was gone when we first came to oki, DIYing and decorating projects definitely helped! I also watched a lot of netflix. Those whole tv seasons really help you feel busy/invested in something ha ha. Side note: i posted a link w/info about the hydrangeas in my blog comments. I hope you can go: mini adventures around the island help pass the time too!

  • Netflix is a godsend!!! I'm watching Doctor Who, Mad Men, Bomb Girls, The Lying Game and a couple more! 😀 Definitely on the lookout for tv shows with tons of seasons already out. I have a big DIY project well underway and i'm already planning two more!!

    Thanks for posting the info! i haven't been able to go but will definitely go next year! 🙂

  • Thanks for the great advice! I have a big DIY project well underway and i'm already planning two more ;D!