Enoshima Island, Japan

A day trip to Enoshima

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While researching things to do and places to see during our girls trip to Mainland I found Enoshima Island and quickly added it to our list. We road tripped from Yokosuka, a short 45 minute drive with stunning ocean views all around! All in all it was a wonderful place for a day trip! IMG_9225 IMG_9226IMG_9247 IMG_9248 IMG_9251                                                        ^^ we had lunch in that brown building back there ^^IMG_9256eno1IMG_9262IMG_9267I didn’t get any photos of the outside of the place where we ate lunch.. but it’s the Enoshima Island Spa. Once you come into the island it is to the right of that turquoise torii gate (^^). It was very confusing to get around.. and to figure out how it worked. We went straight upstairs to the restaurant and once the waitress came over she told us that you have to get a pass/key from the downstairs lobby check in desk. With that pass you get to charge your food, and then you pay downstairs at the end. Thankfully she spoke some English and was nice enough to help out three lost American girls!

While paying for our meal.. we were told that tattoos are not allowed in the spa (..even though we didn’t use the actual spa facilities) and our friend Allison basically had to leave the premises because her tattoos were sort of showing… If you don’t have any tattoos, then for sure check them out, their pools look amazing!

IMG_9272 IMG_9279 IMG_9281IMG_9282 After a weird lunch we walked up the hill towards the Enoshima Shrine, my favorite part of the island. I especially loved how much green up there!

eno2IMG_9303 IMG_9314 eno3IMG_9322IMG_9325IMG_9337 IMG_9336IMG_9344IMG_9341IMG_9356 eno4IMG_9368IMG_9388IMG_9386IMG_9394IMG_9405IMG_9403-2IMG_9414-2IMG_9399IMG_9429eno5IMG_9440-2IMG_9448 IMG_9445IMG_9459 After walking around the shrine we made our way to the Enoshima Sea Candle, a sort of lighthouse observation tower and had a sneak peek of the Samuel Cocking Garden.  IMG_9463 IMG_9460IMG_9462IMG_9469-3IMG_9471 IMG_9476-2IMG_9488 IMG_9489File Oct 02, 8 20 55 AMThe view from the top of the sea candle did not disappoint!