A Beautiful Day of Hiking

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After a couple of weeks of staying at home thanks to crappy weather, yesterday we had the chance to get out and explore the northern part of the island on the beautiful sunny day God granted us. We decided to go hiking and we decided to explore the Tadake Falls. This specific hiking spot has a combination of hiking, river trekking, rope climbing, as well as easy trails and hard trails. It was so much fun! 

This was not only our first hike on island, but our first hike together and thanks to our Vibram’s we enjoyed it through water, mud and rocks, without a complaint. 🙂 We also decided to make the hard climb up to the top of the falls and oh my it was worth it. t was such a fun adventure to have with my wonderful husband. As we drove off i kept thinking about those little things he did during our hike that made me appreciate what i have. Things like letting me lead the way most of the time, but when the part ahead was difficult he would go first and then hold my hand as i passed, or during the steep hike to the top (literally) pushing my tired butt up the mountain, or holding me tight as i sat close to the edge of the waterfall because he feared i would fall, or even dealing with my constant “let me get my iphone out of the backpack” to take blurry pictures that would document our adventure. 
I am forever grateful for the wonderful partner God has placed in my life.

After our hike we were starving and decided to stop by the most amazing burger place on island, that was just a small drive away! We both had the “Sparky Burger” (doesn’t it look mouthwatering?). Then we ate some Blue Seal Ice Cream. 

All in all a wonderful Saturday spent with the love of my life!! 
Feels good to finally be able to blog about an adventure 🙂

 ps. Excuse the blurry pictures, i really wanted to take pictures and my iphone was the only way i could. For some reason they’re all blurry.