Nago, Okinawa

Nago Cherry Blossom Festival

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Hello Spring! The season has been upon us for a while here in Okinawa, the flowers have already been blooming and the warmness of the sun can finally be felt. The cherry blossoms bloom a little earlier here than in mainland and although the rain kind of ruined our time at the festival, i’m happy with the gorgeous pictures i captured. The shades of pink do look extra beautiful with a grey sky background.

We got a bit lost looking for the festival, but at the top of the mountain we found that gorgeous road surrounded by cherry trees. Eventually we did find the festival, but we came in from the top to the bottom, instead of the opposite.

This festival was one of the best i’ve been to, sadly this was the last day and the rain stopped us from enjoying it all. Almost halfway through the vendors it just started pouring, my friend was almost 9 months pregnant and we still had to walk up the stairs to the car. We left early and a bit bummed out, but what can you do.

Q: Are you as excited as i am for Spring?!