2015 Reading Challenge: Part 5

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I’ve decided to take on this Popsugar Reading Challenge i found on Pinterest (follow me!). This is the fifth round of books i’ve read. Missed the last posts? Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4

  • A book with bad reviews – If I Stay (Part 1) by: Gayle Forman
  • A book that made you cry – The Book Thief by: Markus Zusak
  • A book set in another country – Above the East China Sea by: Sarah Bird

If I Stay was another book turned movie that i’ve been dying to watch but have restrained myself of doing, until i read the book. I looked it up on Amazon and read a small amount of reviews (something i always do before purchasing a book). It had TERRIBLE reviews but i really wanted to read it before watching the movie. Mia is a talented cellist who’s life turns upside down (literally) when her family gets into a car crash that leaves her comatose and an orphan. She’s in a sort of limbo, where she sees everything that is happening around her body. She also gets the chance to decide whether to live or die. It wasn’t a terrible read (HA!). It was also pretty short and i’m still not sure why the author decided to divide it in two. I guess i’ll have to pick up Part 2 soon.

The Book Thief is a masterpiece! I think this is my absolute favorite read thus far. I was a little skeptical about reading another WWII story (so soon after reading All The Light We Cannot See), because of course these stories are heavy and sad. The story, set during WWII, follows Liesel a German girl who relies on the power of words to thrive and survive during this horrible era. Liesel is one of my favorite characters, EVER! She is so strong, intelligent and big-hearted. I especially loved her friendship with Max (the jew the Hubermannn’s hide in their basement), so much that i actually bawled my eyes out more than once. If you haven’t picked up this book you definitely should!!

Above the East China Sea has my heart, because it’s set in Okinawa! The book weaves the lives of Tamiko, an Okinawan girl alive during the Battle of Okinawa and Luz, an american girl living on Kadena Air Base. I loved being able to read a little about how the island was before the war and being able to compare it to Luz’ experiences; which are a lot like mine. I also learned a lot about the Okinawan culture, for example, their views on the afterlife and family, etc. It was also fun reading about places/food/things i’ve experienced here on island!It was hard though, to read about the horrors of the Battle of Okinawa, especially how the Japanese Imperial Army treated the island and it’s people, but also the terrible stories they fed them about Americans. It gave me a different perspective of the War and my heart still hurts for the Okinawans. Can you believe i ended up reading yet another WWII book!! The reviews weren’t all great but if you’re in Okinawa i totally suggest ordering this book!

15/50 books read!

Q: Have you read any of these book? If so, did you like them? Also do you have any books you’d recommend me?