2015 Reading Challenge: Part 4

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I’ve decided to take on this Popsugar Reading Challenge i found on Pinterest (follow me!). This is the fourth round of books i’ve read. Missed the last posts? Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

  • A mystery or thriller – Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn
  • A book by an author you love that you haven’t read yet – Attatchments by: Rainbow Rowell
  • A classic romance – Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen

Gone Girl was a whirlwind of a book. I have not seen the movie, so of course i wanted to read the book before doing so. I had only heard things about how crazy the story was and i kept putting it off, because i knew it was going to be a mindfuck of a book (lol). As soon as i started reading, a friend told me how crazy the main character was and you know when you’re just waiting for something to happen .. well it kind of made the book less enjoyable but sure enough, WOW what an ending. The story follows the disappearance of Amy on her Fifth Wedding Anniversary and goes more in depth into the police investigation, of which her husband Nick becomes the prime suspect. If you have not seen the movie, let’s just say you would never expect the ending to be what it was. Even though i love watching crime/suspense/drama tv shows, i didn’t really enjoy reading this a book of this genre.

Attatchments is definitely a favorite! The book follows Lincoln an “internet security officer” who’s job is basically to read people’s emails and send reports to those who write about things that are against the rules. Beth and Jennifer, two journalists, are constantly sending each other hilarious e-mails, where they discuss every aspect of their personal life. They know someone is monitoring their email but they don’t take it seriously. Lincoln enjoys reading their e-mails so much that he never reports them, and slowly starts falling for Beth. If you’re looking for a light/fun read i recommend you picking this book or any other Rainbow Rowell novel.

Pride and Prejudice, the classic romance novel! What i love about this challenge is that it takes you away from your prefered genre and your comfort zone. I’ve always wanted to read this book but for some reason never did. I have to confess that at times it was difficult to follow the old English but it was so worth it in the end! Jane Austen tells the tale of Mr & Mrs Bennet’s five unmarried daughters, all in of which are in search of a rich husband to help support the family. Everything changes when Mr. Bingley and his friend Mr. Darcy arrive in town for the summer. The story focuses more on Elizabeth Bennet, the independent and witty sister; whom i loved!

Q: Have you read any of these book? If so, did you like them? Also do you have any books you’d recommend me?