10 places I’ve yet to visit
in Puerto Rico

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I was skyping with my family this weekend trying to figure out the places they want to see and things they want to do while in Japan. There are lots of things G and I haven’t done here in Okinawa, and we’re hoping to do some of them when our family is here. When we hung up i started thinking of the places that i haven’t visited in Puerto Rico. See when you live your whole life somewhere it always seems like theirs nothing new to do. It isn’t until you leave and you go somewhere new that you wish you had put your tourist hat on more often and experienced some of the beauty of the place you called home. Thanks to social media i’ve read about my friends taking roadtrips, eating at new restaurants (that weren’t there when i lived there), going to beaches i’ve never heard of before, among other fun things. This has made me look forward to the next time we go back and hopefully we can venture out to these new to us places.

These are the 10 touristy attractions that have me wanderlusting for the place i called home.

1. Cueva Ventana (or Window Cave) – Arecibo

  ^^ you’ve probably seen this picture somewhere on the internet, definitely a must ^^
** Update: We visited Cueva Ventana in January 2016!!

2. Mosquito Bay – Vieques

^^ there are 3 of these bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico, but apparently this one is the best ^^

3. Guajataca Lake – San Sebastián, Quebradillas and Isabella

4. Castillo San Felipe del Morro (or El Morro Fort) – Old San Juan

^^ yes, i’ve been to El Morro a million times, but i have never visited the inside of the Fort! ^^

 5. Cueva del Indio (or Indian Cave) – Arecibo

6. Casa Cortés Choco Bar – Old San Juan

^^ i mean seriously a chocolate bar? count me in! ^^

7. Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park – Orocovis

^^ The Beast is the highest zipline in the world and the longest, and fastest in the Western Hemisphere! ^^

8. Castillo Serrallés (or Serrallés Castle) – Ponce

 9. Bacardi Distillery – Cataño

^^ because duh! i can’t believe i haven’t visited this place ^^

10. Isla Caja de Muertos (or Coffin Island) – Ponce, Puerto Rico

I’ve only shared the places i haven’t visited. If you’re wondering what other fun places you can find in Puerto Rico, this link has an awesome list. Go ahead and follow my Puerto Rico pinterest board below.